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Custom web sites by Mistress Talia.

Welcome to my site for escorts, professional dominatrices, phone sex operators and other sex workers.

about me

I build web sites and have been doing so for many years. Most of my experience has been building web sites for customers not in the adult business. I've also previously been very active in the BDSM scene and thus known several professional dominatrices socially.

So this is what I do - I build web sites. I can build very elaborate, detailed sites using Joomla, Wordpress or from scratch in HTML/CSS/PHP or ASP. I'm also very good at SEO (search engine optimization) and all my sites are built with those considerations in mind. Most of my customers are not web-savvy, so I arrange domain name registration, hosting and hire graphical artists for their projects, thus providing a full-service web presence.

In the past few months, my interests in web development and BDSM have converged and I have expanded into adult web work. First, a friend decided to go into phone domination as an independent, and needed help establishing herself on Niteflirt. I built her a site and blog as well as designing her Niteflirt ads. Then I began building sites myself, as an affiliate, for BDSM-oriented porn sites.

Recently, another friend who is an escort asked me to build her a site. Because she is not a very web-savvy person, I did it in a way to allow her to easily update her site, and now can offer the same type of site to others.

custom sites

While I am available for other projects, I have a specific offering for those of you who wish a simple custom site. This is built to be incredibly easy to update and maintain for those of you who wish to focus on your business rather than become web experts.

My simple custom site comes with:

how it works

You provide me with an idea of how you choose to market yourself, several tasteful photographs, and links to any ads or reviews you currently have. I will provide you a tool to choose a domain name, or simply use my own judgment in choosing one for you, as you prefer. I will hire an adult graphical artist to touch up and watermark your photos and design a header for your site. I will then hire a host for your site, and build it in colors matching the artist's design for you. A custom site designed as above costs $399 total ($175 will be the cost for domain name registration and hosting, so will recur each year).

Custom work beyond that is always available as you wish, this is simply the simplest and most frugal way to establish a custom site that presents your marketing message in the way you wish to present it.

There are cheaper ways to establish a web presence, there are places you can get a "free" web site (if you don't mind them putting ads on your site, basically using you as their content to sell porn on the side), or where you have to choose from standard templates.

Here, you get your own site, with custom graphics that you own, on your own domain name built by a woman who understands the web and is motivated to help you build your business.

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